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eSCAN Pro version 1.3.5 eSCOPE ELITE4 version 1.0.4 eSCOPE Pro version 1.3.4
eSCOPE Limited version 1.1.4 iEA iC version 2.12
iGAS version 1.1.8 eSCAN DTC and Mode6 decoder Rev 1.1.0

Automotive Test Solutions is a multi-national award winning company for innovative thinking that produces patented tool solutions for the automotive industries. ATS currently holds 22 patents with over 25 patents pending. All of the tools produced at ATS are designed to allow technicians to quickly and accurately diagnose the modern vehicle. ATS tools offer unique solutions to help technicians where it counts, in your service bays. Established in 2001, ATS manufactures; oscilloscopes, ignition analyzers, OBD II scan tools for advance engine diagnostics, misfire detection systems, advanced engine mechanical testing using pressure transducers, pressure transducers, advanced leak detection systems, tailpipe emission gas analyzers, fully articulating borescopes, engine simulators, carbon removal solutions for induction systems, oil and fuel pour-ins to serve the automotive technician.

ATS is proud to be a U.S. based company.

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