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QUICKLY diagnose tough drivability problems!


All scantools display DTCs and allow you to view PID Data. Most tools just suck out data and spit it raw, onto the scanner screen. They ignore valuable clues that help fix cars. That's because they just don't have EScan Pro's SharpshooterTM diagnostic tool box, an entire set of built-in assistants that search and interpret data. EScan Pro is like a diagnostic compass that points you in the right diagnostic direction. For your convenience, EScan Pro is available with corded or wireless Bluetooth interface that avoids needless cables and shop clutter. Order your EScan Pro and start fixing cars faster—today!


The patented ATS EScan Pro does many other remarkable things that no other scan tool can do:


     EScan Pro fuel trim chartEScan Pro analyzes FUEL TRIM.Green squares = good fuel trim.Red or Orange squares = bad fuel trim             EScan Pro volumetric efficiency chartEScan Pro analyzes VOLUMETRIC EFFICIENCY.Yellow and Red graph mirror each other = good..Yellow and Red graph separate = not good.


     EScan Pro catalytic efficiency screenEScan Pro analyzes CATALYTIC EFFICIENCY. Test Cat Efficiency from idle to full throttle.              EScan Pro mode6 translation screenEScan Pro even translates MODE6 into english. Values highlighted to indicate close to or out of spec.


(click images to enlarge)


The EScan Pro alert lights on the left side of each screen are constantly updated and give you information on Bank 1 and Bank 2 as well as the status of the control system.


The EScan Pro includes patented Sharp SHOOTER Technology, which uses OBD-II data like no other scan tool ever has. When you use it in your shop it will help you verify:


• MAF Sensors Problems  • Catalytic Efficiency Problems  • Fuel Control Problems  • Fuel Delivery Problems

• Low Power Problems  • Charging System Problems  • Mechanical Problems  •  and Much More...


The EScan features:

• Very Fast Auto Connect

• Easy PID Setup plus Calculated PIDs

• Digital and Slide Bar Readouts

• Powerful Graphing

• Reading and Decoding Mode6 Data

• Recording of Data and Screen Shots

• Cursor Measurements of Charted or Recorded Data

• Reading and Decoding DTCs and Pending Codes

• Reading Freeze Frame Data

• Reading and Plotting Monitors

• Reading O2 Sensor Data

• Resetting DTCs


Get smart! Turn your laptop computer into a diagnostic powerhouse with the EScan Pro scan tool from ATS. This Motor Top 20 Tool connects to all major data protocols: ISO-9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 (PWM and VPM), and CAN Bus Types.


Now you ask, “What makes our EScan Pro so special?” Fair question: simple answer.


EScan Pro is the only smart scan tool of its kind. If you aren't sure what a smart scan tool is, ask yourself these questions:


• Does your scan tool have a list of special diagnostic PIDS?

• Can your scan tool calculate and display catalyst efficiency?

• Can your scan tool tell you if the air/fuel ratio is correct: if the MAF is

   working properly?

• Does your scan tool display fuel trim charts at different engine speeds?

• Does your scan tool calculate volumetric efficiency?

• Can your scan tool translate Mode 6 data to simple English?


Those other tools just suck out data and spit it raw, onto the scanner screen. They ignore valuable clues that help fix cars.That's because they just don't have EScan Pro's SharpshooterTM diagnostic tool box, an entire set of built-in assistants that search and interpret data. EScan Pro is like a diagnostic compass that points you in the right diagnostic direction.For your convenience, EScan Pro is available with corded or wireless Bluetooth interface that avoids needless cables and shop clutter.Order your EScan Pro and start fixing cars faster—today!



Flash Manual

Click here to run or download the entire EScan manual


• Just in Time Animated Training:

We have been creating Flash based animated training to help understand how automobiles work and how our tools help you diagnose their problems. Below are a few examples of what will be included with the EScan. You can look forward to this training coming to all of our diagnostic tools and training course material.


• Fuel Trim, Part 1

• Fuel Trim, Part 2

• Volumetric Efficiency


• To play the ATS Flash animations you need the Adobe Flash Player. Click here to download the player if you don't  already have it installed on your computer.



Customer Example

Actual Letter to Customer showing EScan Pro in action by Ryan Kooiman, Educator/Technician



Interfaces to PC via USB Port or wireless Bluetooth


• Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces

• Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval. Unlimited record time!

• Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation

• Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet

• MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of EScan Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools

• Can be used with wireless Bluetooth adapter. Specify while ordering for Bluetooth!

• USB Bluetooth adapter for computer side of wireless. Provides up to 100ft wireless connection to EScan.



For the EScan Pro we recommend the following:


• WXGA (1280x768 pixel resolution screen)

• 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)

• Windows XP through Windows 10 operating systems including Windows 10 tablets.

(Windows RT tablets are not supported)

• 256 MB RAM (more is better)

• 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space

• USB 2.0 port





EScan Pro (ESN2000) contents

EScan Pro with Bluetooth (ESN2010) contents

EScan Pro case
EScan Pro with Bluetooth case
EScan Pro user interface
EScan Pro with Bluetooth user interface

EScan Pro User Interface

EScan Pro User Interface

EScan Pro DLC cable
EScan Pro DLC cable

DLC cable

DLC Cable

EScan Pro USB cable
EScan Pro USB cable

USB Cable

USB Cable

ATS software card
ATS software card

USB Software Card

USB Software Card

ATS Bluetooth USB adapter

Bluetooth USB Adapter

EScan Pro - Rev 1.28 Released 1/27/2017


Learn How to Install the EScan Pro Update


Download the EScan Pro installation/update:

  EScan Pro Installation


Additional Update information:


EScan Download and Installation of latest version - Rev 1.28:


Quick Start Instructions:


• Download the EScan Pro update above and save it to your “My Documents” folder.

• Double-click on the downloaded file to install the EScan Pro. If the installer asks you if it is OK to uninstall the existing version allow it to do so and then run the Setup a second time to install the new update.

• After the update is installed, you will need to reassign the port number.

• Note that the EScan Pro program will only run if you have the ATS EScan Pro interface hardware connected to an OBDII port with power (Key On) unless you run it in Demo Mode.

• If you are using a non-US version of Windows, you will need to set the Regional and Language Options (in Control Panel) to use North American style comma/decimal point conversion for calculated and other values to display correctly on EScan Pro.

• See bottom of page for driver and Windows VISTA information.


For More detailed for instructions on installing the EScan Pro update, click here.


Revision History (most recent version can be downloaded above):


01/27/2017: Rev 1.28:


• Kia-Hyundai Mode 6 non-CAN update.

• Added Audi to CAN Mode 6 database.

• Added to scaling capabilities of CAN Mode 6 database.

• Added X axis on Dual/Combo graph and moved up slide bar to make it easier to compare the two graphs.

• Minor documentation update.



10/12/2016: Rev 1.27:


•  Added "Total Fuel Trim" indicators to Info tab.

Added "Maximum/Average" selector to Fuel Trim tab.

Added Average/Maximum selector to Temperature Table.

Added time indication arrow to Temperature Table.

Fixed EScan Manual shortcut to point at new PDF manual instead of old Flash File.

Added VW CAN Mode6 data.

Minor Edit to Volvo CAN Mode 6 data.

Minor Edit to non-CAN BMW section.

Fixed problem with non-CAN Mode 6 lookup that was in last release.



06/23/2016: Rev 1.26:


• Added or updated Mode 6 data for BMW, Honda/Acura, and Volvo.

Added option to enter VIN decode info on main screen if VIN gets entered manually.

Added help descriptions for "Clear All", "Enable Info PIDs", and "Units" on the PIDs tab.

Changed how Diesel selects VE TP Type



03/18/2016: Rev 1.25:


• Enhancements to the WRAF Catalyst Efficiency test.

• Updated Mode 6 for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai and Kia.

• Replaced EScan manual with an entirely new PDF manual.

Note: on some computers the EScan Manual shortcut does not appear on the desktop.  Simply download the EScan Pro Manual from this link:

• Updated several of the ‘?’ help text sections within the EScan built-in help.

• Changed EScan icon and Logo.

• Enhancements to the Temperature Test.

• Added VIN to saved reports.

• Added VIN Decode Information to main screen.

• Updated VIN Database.



12/10/2015: Rev 1.24:


• The EScan will now identify what type of vehicle (make, model, and engine) is connected.

• Wide Band Oxygen Sensors now work with the Info alert lamps.

• Volumetric Efficiency Test Has over 700 scaled engines and will now display if engine is scaled or the EScan is running in generic mode.

• NEW: VE/TFT comparison test. This test will compare the Volumetric Efficiency Test data with the Total Fuel Trim Test data in order to quickly diagnose fuel control and engine performance problems.

• Power test will now give you the expected Horsepower of the engine being tested, and the expected elevation corrected Horsepower at the test site.

• Fuel Efficiency test will calculate how the fuels energy was used to move the vehicles weight.

• Catalysis Efficiency Test will now use Wide Band Oxygen Sensors for catalysis testing.

• Temperature test will give you the rate at which the coolant has gained heat energy and can be used to diagnose the cooling system.




6/13/2014: Rev 1.23:


• Setup for 1280x728 screen size default (wide screens).  Do not install this update if your screen resolution is less than 1280x728.

• GM Mode 6 data updated to present date.

• Fixed problem when hold was turned off but data wasn't loaded the chart selects would reset to default.

• Fixed cosmetic issue on Cat Eff Tab text on lower two LED's that were overlapping.

• Added "DTCs:VIN" to UpdateVIN so the variable gets updated here as well as at startup.




01/03/2014: Rev 1.22:


• The EScan now talks to you! The Info lights have voice commands that speak as the lights change so you can hear what is happening while doing test drives. This can be disabled or re-enabled on the main screen with the “Enable Voice Status” button.

• The “Sharpshooter/Sim Inj” tab has been removed since it is not needed.

• The “Sharpshooter/Auto Diag” has been removed since the Easy button has been replaced with the voice commands.

• The EScan installer script has been updated to work properly with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 computers.



09/05/2012: Rev 1.21:


• Made PCM addressing changes to KWP2000 protocol that will fix connection problems with some VW s, Audi s, Volvos, and other makes.

• Made PCM addressing changes to 11-bit CAN protocol that will fix connection problems with some VW s, Audi s, Volvos, Range Rovers, Hondas, and other makes.

• Made PCM addressing changes to 29-bit CAN protocol that will fix connection problems with some VW s, Audi s, Volvos, Range Rovers, Hondas, and other makes.

• Updated "OBD Requirements to Which Vehicle is Designed" to include KOBD and several other new results.



3/24/2011: Rev 1.20:


• Added ability to auto adjust window size when increasing for larger screens.

• Added option to print with grey background on graphs to save ink.

• On Tools Menu, if no other tools are found it will say "No Other Tools Installed" instead of saying nothing.

• Changed the installation directory from  c:\Program Files to to  c:\Automotive Test Solutions to keep all ATS programs, settings, and data files in one location that Windows will not prevent access to.


1/12/2010: Rev 1.19:


• Optimized to work better with Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows.

• Made changes to 1024x574 Netbook size option to use scroll bars, to remember and reload 1024x574 Netbook settings on startup, and to resize TR page.


10/28/2009: Rev 1.18:


• Added "Size to 1024x574 (Netbooks)" option under Window menu. This will automatically adjust window size to fit Netbooks that have 1024x600 pixel resolution.

• Changed data and Tool paths to be compatible with the default c:\Program Files (x86)\ folder that the EScan gets installed in on

Windows 64-bit.

• Modified report loading to properly display PID data that was saved in report.

• Fixed spelling of Volkswagen on DTC’s and VE table.

• Updated EScan Flash based user manual to cover latest version of EScan usage and installation.

• Changed all Flash based help files and videos to maximize on screen by default. This will force them to fit on any screen (big or small). They can still be adjusted to any other size manually.


9/10/2009: Rev 1.17:

• Added Porsche Mode 6 Data.

• Updated and simplified Chrysler Mode 6 Data.

• Updated and simplified Mitsubishi Mode 6 Data.

• Added feature to automatically set the EScan serial port number, customer no longer needs to set the port manually.

• Improved the Auto Search function.

• "X" in upper right corner now works to close program.

• Added driver install for new Blue USB to Serial Bridge.


6/9/2009: Rev 1.16:


• Updated 29bit CAN coverage for the non-Pro EScan VCI.

• Enhanced Pro VCI’s auto initialization routine.


4/20/2009: Rev 1.15:


• Improved automatic OBDII bus type search for EScanPro (does not affect original EScan).

• Changed Freeze Frame to readout all Freeze Frames instead of just selected Freeze Frame.

• Added automatic readout of Freeze Frame data.

• Added delay between clearing and re-reading DTCs for vehicles that don’t reset the DTCs instantly.

• Modified CAN filter when clearing DTCs to allow reading of DTCs from any responding modules.



2/10/2009: Rev 1.14:

• Enabled 29bit CAN bus.

• Mode6: Added Mitsubishi CAN coverage.

• Mode6: Edited Honda CAN & added 2008-2009 years.

• Added several VE custom engine setups



3/11/2008: Rev 1.13:


•  Added CAN addressing and filtering to decrease the possibility of reading incorrect DTCs, Mode6, or other data.

• Made the faster multi-PID CAN mode work better on vehicles that previously would not work in this mode such as Chryslers.

• Changed temperature checks to also work if engine is not running to alert bad sensor readout when the engine is stopped.

• Added "Get Veh.Inf." button on main EScan tab that will read additional Mode9 data (Cal. IDs, Cal CVN#s, and IPT) besides just the VIN like was done previously.

• Added "Mark Continuous Data (Page Up)" button that will mark points on data that is being saved continuously. This is to remember significant events in time while doing a long record.



11/14/2007: Rev 1.12:

• Fixed a problem in rev 1.11 that prevented calculated PIDs from being displayed in the graphs or digital readouts. No other changes were made in this release.


10/25/2007: Rev 1.11:


• Enabled SharpSHOOTER Power tab.

• Enabled "Set Engine" selector on VE page that uses more accurate VE calculations on engines in database. Note that our database of engines will continue to grow over time. This will make VE calculations for specific engines more accurate that the generic engine setting.

• Added Pop-up to show O2 sensor locations for different vehicles. There is a new button on the Monitors, O2, and SharpSHOOTER/Cat Eff tabs that allows you to access drawings of O2 sensor locations for different engines.

• Added Speed to Temperature Chart

• Added EID CAN bus protocol which is used on some CAN vehicles.

• Added error note to the Catalyst Efficiency test about setting the proper Front & Rear O2 sensors for each bank.

• Fixed problem where Info light gray-out would flash grayed and then ungrayed at startup.

• Changed Mode 6 CAN to not show yellow (close to limit) if Min, Max, and Values are equal.

• Added Jaguar, Mercedes, and Suzuki to manufacture specific DTCs.


5/7/2007: Rev 1.10:


• Added independent scales to Dual/Combo graph and auto scaling to each trace.

• Added 50 points to possibilities for #points graphed (shows finer resolution).

• Added to Toyota Mode6 coverage.

• Fixed a problem that caused KWP2000 communications error in Rev 1.09.

• Removed Vacuum tab because Vacuum (MAP sensor) will soon be used as an option on the Volumetric Efficiency tab as another way to calculate Volumetric Efficiency. This is expected to be released with version 1.11.

• Windows VISTA support: Note that NI VISA 4.1 or newer driver is required required (see driver below).

• Now works with Belkin USB/RS232 adapter (see driver below).

• Now works with Bluetooth wireless.

• We still recommend using Windows XP because VISTA is new and hasn't been fully tested in multiple circumstances on multiple computers.


4/2/2007: Rev 1.09:


• Trouble Shooting Examples: Added "TR" button to access popup screen with several examples of how to use the EScan to troubleshoot drivability problems. Note that more and more examples will be added over time.

• Sharp SHOOTER Volumetric Efficiency: Added TAF and VE calculated PIDs. Cchanged labels on VE page.

• Added VE calculation info to VE help text.

• Changed default VE corrections.

• Added Air Temp and Altitude to VE Pop-up.

• Added VE Entered Info pop-up to calculated VE and TAF PID select.

• Sharp SHOOTER Catalyst Efficiency: Subtracted 10% for each color range (i.e. doesn't turn yellow until below 80% instead of 90% like before).

• Sharp SHOOTER Temperature: Enabled initial Sharp SHOOTER temperature warm-up rate functionality.

• Graphs: Changed max graph points to 5000.

• Enabled Stacked & Dual/Combo graph scroll bars, measurement arrow, and “Number of Points Displayed” whenever Hold is on.

• Added "None" to data channel select options.

• Added the ability to select the PID order of graphed loaded data.

• Significantly speeded up PWM (Ford) communication rate.

• Fixed error that would occasionally cause incorrect fuel trim readings due to multiple ECUs responding (seen on VPW).

• Fixed error that would occur on some CAN vehicles when duplicate DTC or Pending code responses occurred.

• Fixed error that prevented some higher level PIDs from being available.

• Windows VISTA Support: We now have the EScan working in VISTA but only under specific circumstances.

• Presently, we've only been able to use it on computers that have built in RS232 ports or with the IOGear "ATEN" USB/RS232 adapter with updated drivers installed.

• The Belkin USB/RS232 adapter and the BlueTooth adapter that we normally sell do not yet have VISTA drivers from their manufactures.

• We still recommend using Windows XP but will continue to work towards better VISTA support.


1/26/2007: Rev 1.08:


• Added setup option to change bus type from automatic to specific bus type.

• Added options to change sensors used on CE test.

• Mode6: Updated Chrysler Data through 2007.

• Updated Honda/Acura Data through 2007, including CAN.

• Added Isuzu Data.

• Added Honda Passport Data -Same as Isuzu Data.

• Added SAAB Data, including CAN.

• Added several Saturn and Cadillac vehicles.

• Fixed problem where last out of set of CAN Mode6 bytes was ignored on some multi OBDMID/TID combinations.

• Fixed problem with cross rate in calculated PIDs (rates displayed were swapped).

• Added Temperature Compensation for VE calculation.

• Added prevention of erroneous HEX valued DTCs and Pending Codes unless values are in database.


10/15/2006: Rev 1.07:


• Fixed problem with vehicles that had non-PCM ECUs respond first. This problem was usually noticeable if only a few PIDs showed up on PID list and occurred on some Chryslers and other ISO vehicles. This version of the EScan distinguishes the PCM ECU from others.

• Some Mode6 and DTC explanation changes.

• Info tab "# Codes" now updates after clearing DTCs.

• Minor speed improvments.

• Improved accuracy of PID Time calculation.


9/18/2006: Rev 1.06:


• Numerous Mode6 changes and additional coverage.

• Added option to read all or read selected Mode6 data continuously.

• Added help buttons for "Mode6" and "DTCs" tabs.

• Fixed VIN reading for non-CAN vehicles.

• Changed Monitors to more visible LEDs instead of check boxes.

• Re-arranged Monitors layout to be more logical.

• Added "Monitors Complete" indicator and monitors "# not run" to Info tab.

• Added additional support of ISO vehicles.


8/24/2006: Rev 1.05:


• Added Options screen that allows changing of CAN multiple PID read mode and Demo Mode.

• Added initial Sharp SHOOTER™ Vacuum tab.

• Multiple Mode6 changes: Added and modified data for multiple manufacturers.

• Info/Time to Engine Temp: Added Orange color and "Warming Too Fast" if warming too fast. - Added "Warming Too Slow" text for warming too slow.

• Fixed problem with non-CAN Mode6 reads if I16 data.

• Added Text Reports: Save, Load, and Print Text Report Data buttons on Controls tab.

• Added Demo Mode button to make it easy to change on & off.

• Added Animated Help Videos for Fuel Trim and Volumetric Efficiency.


7/24/2006: Rev 1.04:


• Added routine to automatically search for and find the serial port that the EScan is connected to. Also added an indicator for the EScan being in or out of demo mode.

• Mode 6 changes: Fixed problem with reading low limits. Added Mode 6 data for GM, Chrysler, and Ford.


7/7/2006: Rev 1.03:


• Mode 6 changes: Added Nissan, Added additional vehicles for Toyota and Lexus, Changes to Chrysler data, added Honda/Acura data. Alphabetized Makes and made other minor changes.


6/20/2006: Rev 1.02:


• Mode6 changes to Chrysler data and added Honda/Acura data.

• Changed MIL Info Light and #DTCs to also read pending codes and be yellow if pending.

• Changed order of tabs (DTCs & Monitors earlier).

• Added VE Multipliers to screen.

• Added yellow background color to Mode 6 Test Value background if close to limit.


6/13/2006: Rev 1.01:


• Added different color background on PID list to distinguish Calculated PIDs.

• Changed requirements for Cat Test Rear O2 to turn green.

• Added note to "snap throttle twice" for the O2 test.


6/11/2006: Rev 1.00:


• Initial Release.




Vista & XP Drivers for USB to Serial Adapters:


Below are download links for USB to Serial adapters sold with original EScans. If you are upgrading an original EScan from XP to VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8 you probably need to download one of the below drivers. To install, download and unzip the appropriate driver file. Then read the "Installation Directions.txt" file for details. 32-bit Windows driver for Belkin Adapter (came with most Orignial EScans. Not needed for EScan Pro) IOGear adapter (most EScans through 2006)



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