ATS presents the top automotive repair shops along with the owners and techs that run them.

  • January 2016 Independent Vehicle Service - Dave Lang

    ATS Top Shops David Lang

    David Lang

    ASE Master Plus 3 Advanced Level, Specialist Bosch Master Tech

    Owner - Independent Vehicle Service, Albuquerque, NM

         Dave Lang has been in the automotive repair industry for 45 years.  He opened

    his shop in 1981 and now has 11 bays and 13 employees.   Dave keeps his techs sharp by providing in-house automotive training, usually taught by Dave himself.


    • Number of years in the industry - 45

    • Type of repair - General Repair, Diagnostic & Electrical

    • Car lines serviced - Predominately European & Asian

    • Favorite training events - Vision High Tech Expo KC and WORLDPAC Expo

    • Found out about ATS - Worked with Bernie in the 70’s at Caterpillar Dealer


        What can I say? Each of the ATS pieces that we have is the best that the market place has to offer in their particular niche. Have you ever struggled with a bore scope trying to make out in that grainy dark image a slightly burned or bent valve, a bit of carbon build up, oil on an evaporator? Try the ATS Borescope. This medical grade unit has the resolution and lighting necessary to actually see and identify problems without guess or interpretation offering the possibility of printed photos a customer can easily understand; best on the market and value priced.

        Bullseye Leak detection. Who could ever imagine the versatility of this system? Once we told customers that we would need to restore integrity to their cooling system before determining head gasket leakage. Now a service write can walk out to a vehicle with the detector, probe the radiator, overflow, or expansion tank and have the job correctly sold before bringing it inside saving the customer and technician time, effort and money. Ever had a difficult EVAP problem? Within minutes the Bullseye will let you know if there is a leak and an accurate assessment of size. If there is no leak stop looking for one. The sensor and foam make finding one or multiple leaks quick and easy. The smallest A/C or tire leaks can be found and repairs verified by filling the system with CO2. There are no false positives and you’re not telling the customer to wait until it gets worse. No more “come back at the beginning of the season and we’ll recharge it”. “Come back in a month and we’ll air it up and turn off your TPMS warning light.”

       The EScan Pro with it’s fuel trim charting, VE graphing, and cat efficiency percentages is a huge time saver in accurately differentiating problems in air or fuel delivery. There is likely no single better tool to verify post repair veracity. Monitors, fuel trim, cat/cats, and volumetric efficiency are all checked thoroughly in a 5 minute test drive. This offers the shop, technician, and customer much better assurance than, “I put in 4, O2 sensors, cleared the codes, took it for a test drive, and the light didn’t come back on. That’ll be $873.42. Call if there’s a problem.”


        I haven’t even gotten to the flagship of the ATS line and what made me a believer in the first place, the EScope Pro. I bought my first scope from Jorge Menchu, a Hitachi Lab Scope with a 2 inch screen in the mid ‘70s and it was way better than nothing. The EScope is something else indeed. Am I in a wire or is the wire open? The EScope identifies the circuit instantly and always. If I lose connection with a wire on a test drive it’s in my face letting me know not to trust the reading. Deep record and the 8 traces that color overlay make wave form comparisons quick and intuitive. The ability to mark glitches during

    Independent Vehicle Service shop

    deep record speeds wave form review and analysis. The automated marking of cam and crank positions on compression waveforms is what you might expect from the characters that invented and pioneered the entire concept. There was no compression wave form analysis for cam timing and intermittent valve seating problems before ATS developed it. CAN, LIN, BEAN, and all the other current serial data communication protocols can only be quickly and accurately diagnosed using oscilloscopes and the EScope is outstanding in its ability to show you what you need to diagnose and repair these systems. Scan tools can translate some of the transferred data but it takes an “O” Scope to see the data packets to identify babbling, voltages, message glitches, interference, broken or disconnected networks. I have not yet run across a comm problem that I could not repair using the EScope in conjunction with a scan tool. It allows for clear viewing of the message packets on a large enough time base to capture intermittent disruption and can also zoom in close enough to determine waveform integrity. This scope in deep record captures every event, there are no buffer filling blanks for glitches to hide in.

    Independent Vehicle Service

        Then we’ve got the EmissFire Detector automatically analyzing compression wave forms and absolutely verifying idle misfires by cylinder and frequency. How about some of the aids you can source elsewhere but why bother; Resistance Decade Box, Capacitive Decade Box, DLC Breakout Box and the most rapid and accurate 12 volt powered Emission 5 gas analyzer in the industry. These are the folks that I trust for the automotive specific diagnostic tools that reliably answer the questions I have for cars. Repaired and verified in partnership with our industry’s most innovative diagnostic equipment and systems manufacture ATS. Now I’ve got to get back to work. Dave would like to see ATS provide continued innovation and more automated functioning of the scan tool.

  • February 2016 Advanced Auto Electric - Rick O'Neal

    ATS Top Shops Rick O'Neal

    Rick O'Neal

    ASE Master Level 1

    Tech - Advanced Auto Electric

          Rick O'Neal has been in the automotive repair industry for 35 years. In 2005 Rick started working at Advanced Auto Electric, a shop with 8 bays and 5 employees.  Rick is an ASE Master L1 and travels all over the nation to attend training allowing him to keep up with new technology.


    • Number of years in the industry - 35

    • Type of repair - General Repair, Diagnostic & Electrical

    • Car lines serviced – Domestic, European & Asian

    • Favorite training events – TST Big Event & Vision High Tech Expo KC

    • Found out about ATS – At a TST Seminar 12 years ago


          I first saw Bernie Thompson and ATS at a TST class.  I asked G Truglia where he had found Bernie, I thought he was from a different planet.  It turned out to be one of the best days of my life.   ATS has been life changing for me and has helped me elevate my diagnostic abilities to a new level.

          A friend of mine, Steve Clark from Rhode Island, stopped by the ATS booth at Vision and bought an 8 channel EScope.  He had some questions and called Bernie on the 4th of July.  Steve was so impressed with the help Bernie gave him that he encouraged me to buy ATS equipment.  It looked intimidating to me but at a demo, G had me get up and try the scope.  I realized how easy it was to use, how intuitive.  So, I bought an entire Diagnostic System.  I haven’t looked back since.

    Advanced Auto Electric techs

          ATS equipment is cutting edge and the tech support is second to none.  Our shop specializes in electrical and diagnostics so we see a lot of strange problems.  With our ATS equipment we can look at complete systems.  This gives us a big picture to look at when determining what exactly is going on.  We now have 2 ATS Diagnostic Systems and at least one of every type of diagnostic equipment ATS makes.


          ATS’ flagship 8 channel oscilloscope has taught me more about electrical systems in vehicles than all my other scopes put together.  When you have 8 individual traces you can actually see how the circuits interact with one another within the system.  I can remember using my first scan tool where it only displayed 2 PIDs, this made diagnostics difficult.  On my new scan tool I can look at 8 PIDs at one time which makes my diagnostics so much easier.  The same principals apply to scopes as well.   The ATS 8 trace scope is how our shop diagnoses vehicles every day.

    Advanced Auto Electric shop
  • April 2016 Advanced Automotive - Rusty Flake

    ATS Top Shops Rusty Flake

    Rusty Flake

    ASE Master L1, C1, X1, Hybrid

    Owner – Advanced Automotive

    Rusty has been in the repair industry for 35 years, owns an 8 bay shop and has 3 employees.  Rusty keeps his techs sharp by providing in-house training and by sharing case studies and data to aid the knowledge of others.


    • Number of years in the industry: 35 years

    • Type of repair: General Repair, Diagnostic & Electrical

    • Car lines serviced: Domestic and Asian

    • Favorite training events: Vision High Tech Expo

    • Found out about ATS: Training events over the years

    • ATS Equipment owned: EScope Pro, EScope Ltd, EmissFire Detector,    EIgnition Analyzer, Emission 5 gas analyzer

    • Rusty would like to add more ATS equipment to his shop


    I have been using the eSCOPE for many years now and I have added different pieces of ATS equipment ever since.  I have had many different scopes over my career and with all of these scopes I have had problems. One example is I could never be sure if I had a good connection to the circuit

    without rechecking my connections, and if this connection failed during the test it could look like the circuit I was testing had failed. Then I bought the ATS Escope. This is the first scope that I have owned where all of the experiences with it have been positive. This scope has circuit detection which lets me know if the scope is connected to the circuit or is not connected to the circuit.  With any of the three EScopes I have owned I know my connections are good, therefore I know the signal I have is an accurate representation.  This saves valuable time.


         Having 8 channels is extremely useful at times.  I have had all 8 channels connected many times over the years – Very helpful information.  It has helped me to quickly and precisely determine many drivability problems, no start problems, HVAC problems, Antilock brake problems and much more. The Escope software really helps with using pressure transducers. These pressure transducers save lots of time; I can quickly check camshaft timing issues, VVT camshaft phasing issues, worn keyways, sheared pins, wrong camshaft, restrictions in exhaust, sticking valves, piston ring sealing issues, etc.


         EScan Pro has proven to be way more useful and beneficial than I ever thought a generic scan tool could be.  With the extra tab/functions ATS has in the software there is so much that can be quickly checked; catalyst efficiency, VE and on and on.  I use this scanner more than any of my other scan tools and I have many OEM ones.


         I’m not in an emissions testing area but I bought the Emission 5 gas analyzer mostly for combustion efficiency failures. The Emission 5 gas analyzer has a very fast probe to display reading which helps with the diagnosis.  Very helpful when testing for lean or rich issues, fuel trim correction verification and combustion gases in the cooling system.


         Then there is the continual software/tool improvements, outstanding support after purchase and highest quality of training materials available. With the ATS tools, training and support, my skills have improved more than I would have ever imagined; cutting my analysis time, improving accuracy, eliminating comebacks, and it just looks as impressive as it is functionally impressive.


    Advanced Automotive office
  • June 2016 Precision Performance - Tim Harding

    ATS Top Shops Tim Harding

    Tim Harding

    ASE Master All Levels

    Owner – Precision Performance

    Tim has been in the automotive repair industry for 30+ years.  He opened his shop in 1986 and now has 12 bays and 10 people working at his shop.


    • Number of years in the industry: 30+

    • Type of repair: General Repair, Diagnostic & Electrical

    • Car lines serviced: Domestic, European & Asian

    • Favorite training events: Vision High Tech Expo KC

    • Found out about ATS: From Mark Warren and from training events

    • ATS Equipment Owned:  At least one of everything ATS has to offer


    Perhaps Tim Harding is known better for his whitewater jet boat racing than his automotive shop. Tim holds several world records on Whitewater Rivers around the world and is the “Go To Guy” in the jet boat racing business. Tim brings his fierce competitive nature into whatever he does, this is what makes his automotive shop one of the best shops in America.

    Tim’s automotive shop is in Gold Beach Oregon which is rather remote. Since there is no one else in the area to take on a hard diagnosis, Tim’s shop has thrived. Tim’s idea of a great day at the office

    is to have several vehicles that have been declared unfixable. “These are my favorite jobs, once I fix these vehicles I have a customer for life. When you are working on the hardest vehicles to diagnose you need to have equipment that is up to the task, that’s why I have ATS equipment. This is simply the best automotive diagnostic equipment I have ever used.”

    When I purchased my first eSCOPE Pro for the shop my techs could not get enough of it, so I purchased a second eSCOPE Pro.  I have had many different scopes through the years and the ATS eSCOPE pro is the only scope that is up to the task of quickly getting the data that I need to fix these vehicles. With 8 independent channels I can check up to 8 different signals being either inputs or outputs. This is a serious advantage when checking control systems. With 8 Channels you can see how the system is actually being controlled. When a problem occurs the data is

    Precision Performance techs
    Precision Performance office

    captured so you can go back through the data and determine where the problem actually originated. With 2 and 4 channel scopes this is not the case.  The automatic circuit detection is just great. When using this you know right away if the circuit that you have connected to has a good connection or not. It is the best investment of any piece of equipment that I have ever purchased.  I was so impressed with the eSCOPE Pro, and the ATS support that came with it, I have since bought almost everything that ATS has to offer, including the ETrainer. I only wish I had known about ATS sooner. I think this is a company that every shop in America should know.



    Precision Performance shop

    We pride ourselves in accurately diagnosing our customer’s vehicles and It has made my life easier knowing my techs are diagnosing with accuracy. This type accuracy only comes with ATS equipment.  ATS has brought my shop to the next level of automotive repair. We have clients that bring cars to us from over 3 hours away and I feel this is because of the ATS equipment our shop uses.

  • August 2016 High Road Automotive - Fred Wilson

    ATS Top Shops Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson

    ASE CMAT  L1, BSME from University of Washington

    Owner – High Road Automotive

    Fred has been in the automotive repair industry for 32 years. He shares his vast knowledge by teaching as an independent technician certification trainer for the Washington State Dept. of Ecology, the ATE Conference in Seattle, and  Fred is an ASA Northwest Training committee member as well.


    • Number of years in the industry: 32

    • Type of repair: General Repair, Diagnostic & Electrical

    • Car lines serviced: Asian

    • Favorite training events: ATE Conference in Seattle

      & Vision High Tech Expo KC

    • Association memberships: iATN & SAE

    • Found out about ATS: Demonstration at a training event in Seattle

    High Road Automotive

    Here are the features Fred likes about ATS equipment.


    The eSCOPE Pro 8 channel oscilloscope has an interface that is intuitive and easy to teach. People ask me, do you need more than 4 scope channels? My answer is, we hook up 5 or 6 fairly often when diagnosing electronic systems, usually with some of them on the second timebase. It is also very helpful for teaching diagnostic techs to see relationships between multiple sensors and actuators.


    The iGA5 gas analyzer is often used to check fuel mixture.  Knowing lambda at the level of accuracy available on the laptop interface is essential for verification of the accuracy of the Oxygen sensors and for Catalyst testing.


    The eSCAN Pro is an excellent scanner for those wanting an accurate generic scanner.  One rare feature is accurate Mode 6 decoding and the fuel trim map is very handy.


    The iEA, Intelligent Engine Analyzer and pressure transducers prove the integrity of cylinder compression quickly eliminating one of the three causes of misfire.  Being able to verify which cylinder is misfiring is essential especially when the scanners are indicating the incorrect cylinder.


    The BULLSEYE Leak Detector Kit is a tool we use all the time.  Every evaporative system code gets an “is it leaking now” test as the next step after a leak code is read from the vehicle’s PCM.  If it is leaking the BULLSEYE CO2 sensor will find the little leaks that smoke will not.


    The iC Camera is an essential tool.  We use it all over the vehicle; body cavities, in the HVAC box and the engine.  A clear picture on a large screen shows plenty of detail.  We retired our battery powered handhelds after we got this tool.


    All of this adds up to gear that works!

    At High Road our diagnostic technique is a methodical, checklist based method.  Train on systems and tools, clearly define the symptom, develop a hypothesis, test with the best tools, come to a logical conclusion, repair and retest.  This method consistently beats raw intelligence, guessing, youtube, etc.



Automotive Test Solutions is a multi-national award winning company for innovative thinking that produces patented tool solutions for the automotive industries.

Established in 2001, ATS manufactures oscilloscopes, OBD II generic scan tools, misfire detectors, pressure transducers, leak detectors, gas analyzers, borescopes,

engine simulators, ignition analyzers, and a number of high tech training products to serve the automotive technician.

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